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A Star Wars Story
By Luke Katarn


One hundred years after the end of the Galactic Civil War there lived a man named Kued. Kued was a Jedi. One day at the Jedi Academy he was posted at, he received a distress signal from the planet Yurik. So, Kued went to Yurik to investigate. When he arrived he found a secret base, but he was then attacked and killed by a wampa. 300 years later he awakens in the same base that he found on the planet Yurik. He has been reborn and taken on a new identity! His name, Kard.


Kard awakened. He felt odd. He suddenly remembered that he had died. Why was he awake? He broke free from his containment device. He felt a lot faster and stronger. His shirt was off. He had a strange device in his spine. The bad thing was, it was partly controlling him. After he was a certain distance to the exit the strange device unleashed a strange toxin into the blood stream. Connected to the spine device were tubes and needles. The needles were right into his arms. The toxin was suddenly slowing him down. Then he passed out. He awoke in the same room. This time they released him and had an armed guard take Kard to the testing room. Through a dark window Kard could see the outline of a man. Then the man started speaking. “Ah Kued, or should I say Kard? My special subject. As you may have noticed you are young again. You are but the look of an 18 year old. When you are truly 360. 60, when you died. I have put you back to life. And now I am to test you.”

A door opened. “Run on that track. I will time you. Just keep on running until you are back in this room. GO!”

Kard started running. Then he felt some liquid pumping from the device. He started running very fast. He finished the course in 10 seconds. “Wow. 10 Miles in 10 seconds. Amazing.”

The man started clapping. He walked away, and Kard was put in containment again. The metal binds that held him were reinforced, but if he could figure out how to use that liquid again, he could get out and get the thing off of him. He just had to figure out how.


The man behind the window was talking to his chief scientist. The man spoke “The test was a success, he ran fast. Yet when we used it on our soldiers, it killed them.”

The scientist spoke “Iv ve culd igure ot zy it on’t vork vor ouw zoldiews, ve vight ze able to igure out ow to ake it vork.”

The man spoke back “Speak without your Scientist accent, I hate it when you use it. I can barely understand you!”

The scientist spoke again “Vight, sorry, I said, if we could figure out why it won’t work for our Soldiers, we might be able be able to figure out how to make it work.”
The man spoke back “Better, now go figure it out!” The scientist left.

Back at the room…

Kard pulled and pulled to no avail. He kept on pulling. Then, it happened, no the liquid didn’t come, a girl came. She set him free, and then ran away. Kard was confused, but since he was free, he tried to get the machine off of him. He tugged and pulled, to no avail. All it did was hurt more, he had to get these needles out. He looked around, and found a knife. A sharp laser knife, so with it, he cut the needles, and then got them out. The only thing that was left, was the get the thing out of his spine. This would be the most painful part, he cautiously sent a knife down his back, cutting the needles, two by two, until he reached the bottom. The machine fell off, and it was painful when it yanked the last two needles out by falling off, instead of cutting them. Now he had a bunch of needles in his back, he had to get them out, Again he sent the knife down his back, scraping the needles out. Now that that was over, he had to find a shirt. He looked around, and found a shirt. Now, he ran for the exit. He noticed something, something wasn’t right, there were no guards and they weren’t stopping him. He saw them all on the ground when he got far enough. After arriving at the exit, he found a ship ready for launch, and the girl that set him free earlier. She spoke “Get in!”

And then they both boarded the large Correlian ship. The droid co-pilot had taken off once they got on. The two went to the cockpit to see the droid. Kard, was confused at who she was, so he asked some questions. “Who are you?”

The girl responded “I’m Ellina. This is my droid co-pilot, Parion.”

Kard said “I’m Kard. Why did you save me?”

“Because you are the last alive Jedi. You have lost your connection to the… what was it…? The force? And they most likely stole your light beam thing, but you can still help us…” …………………..

CHAPTER 2: To Yavin IV
Kard was in the starboard dormitory, and was quite bored. He was thinking of leaveing the Jedi if any of them were alive, without the force, without his lightsaber, there was no use, that and he was bored with it. Kard yawned, the correlian freighter was quite big, so, he started to look around. He found the docking hatch, then he walked to the main bay. It had a sarjec board, and he started looking at it. He walked to the cock-pit, and found Parion at work. He wandered where Ellina was, then he thought, probabley the east quarters. Kard started speaking to Parion “Where are we headed?”

The droid replied “Yavin four.”

Kard replied “Thanks.” and walked off. He was going to go back to sleep, he was bored so it was going to be easy to fall asleep. But it wasn’t, the ship started shaking violently. He ran to the cock-pit and saw some unknown star fighters. The ship started shaking violently and crashed into the moon below. It was Yavin I, the furthest moon from Yavin IV in the Yavin system. They knew they were close, but had to get off the rock. Yes, it was a rock. Nothing but sand and dust. It was the opposite of Yavin IV, no jungles at all. The Cruiser was badly damaged, so they’d have to get a new ship. For now, they walked. Walking was all they could do. Well almost, there was a speeder in the Freighter, so they all got in and “drove” off.

After a little bit, they found this base. An abandoned base, or so they thought. Inside it seemed empty, and they walked to the hanger. Little did they now, there was a figure on the ceiling with a lightsaber. They found Z-95 head Hunters, but the figure jumped down before they could get in the vessels.

The figure could hardly be seen, but you could see its’ laser swords. Kard told Parion and Ellina to launch, and that he would catch up with them. Kard pulled out a Vibrosword, and started fighting the entity. Once Parion and Ellina were safe, Kard pulled out a thermal detonator, pressed the button, and threw it at the personage. The being did not know what a Thermal detonator was, so he was confused. So Kard got in his ship and flew away, just as the Det exploded. So Kard, Parion, and Ellina escaped Yavin I and entered space. It was a short distance to Yavin IV, and they went off towards there, ,untill they were attacked again. Kard recognized the fighters, they were ties. “TIES!” He yelled in the comm. of his Z.

Ellina replied “What’s a TIE? And how do you know what one is?”

Parion spoke up “A TIE is an old ship used by the Galactic Empire about 300 years ago.” And a space battle broke out. The three heroes prevailed, and went towards Yavin IV. They landed inside the academy, and looked around. It was a mess. Well, at least the got to Yavin IV……

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