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Well you need to see this:

Star Wars: The Resurrection.

This story begins before the rise of the republic as we know it right now, in the planet corusant which was divided into a small countries and kingdoms fighting each others, while there were some good men who wanted peace and had ideas about a united corusant and a big galactic republic full of justice and peace…..
Our hero is a 23 years old man called Korfredonn (I've heard of this name before?), his village was destroyed by the Sunaris (a group of a certain believes), and he lead a group of survivors with his best friend Dann, and they were followed by a Sunarian assassins, thus they faced some struggles in their way to a safe place, until they reached a valley and rested there, at the night ,Korfredonn had a vision of a shining figure telling him to complete his way to the kingdom of Alavi, and to come back to this place when he is ready, anyway he did what he was told and then when he reached Alavi with his fellows, king Caleb welcomed them and approved them to live within his kindom, and in return Korfredonn and his friends became soldiers in the Alavian army, later he fell in love with the king's daughter Cybele…
After three years, Korfredonn had another vision of the same figure who tells him to return alone to the valley in which he saw his first vision, he sat there and meditated for 6 days without getting any new visions, and in the seventh day he saw this shining figure again and he felt his soul departed his body in to a place beyond the existence where is no time, nor place, nor death, only eternal happiness, and he was told that to reach the "World of the Light" he must learn about "the force" and its rules and to tell his trusted friends about it and to keep it secret coz the human kind is not ready to this new knowledge, and when he woke up from this vision he found him self surrounded by 30 Sunarian assassins but he sent them all to oblivion using his new discovered powers and his blade, then when he got back to Alavi he told 4 of his friends( Dann, Tatalia, Colsa, and Kidar) about the force and the first counsel was made, but Kidar was envying Korfredonn because of he had Cybele's love, thus he managed to tell some other men about the force and he took them to Sunari and lead a big army to conquer Alavi, thus Korfredonn was forced to tell the other about his secret and he learned a few men the way of the force aided by his friends, and then he lead the army to the valley where he had his visions and he meditated there to see a vision of his victory, thus he fought his enemies the second day and won the battle, and he managed to kill Kidar in a duel with the blades…… a moment of peace covered corusant after this battle and console was made in this planet consisted of 7 systems and the first galactic republic was announced to the others then this republic grew bigger day by day and the jedi were known as the keepers of peace and justice in the galaxy.
During this Korfredonn married to Cybele, and he build a temple in that valley then he named his knights by the name "JEDI" which means "the Knights of the Light" in the Alavian language, then he lifted a lot of books that talks about the force and he made a poem about his story and he mentioned "the chosen one" as the savior of the Jedi when the dark rules the galaxy, as he will bring balance to the force again, his poem was named "the ascending"…then a woman named Haia, who turned to be Kidar's lost sister, attempted to had her revenge and kill Korfredonn and she succeeded with that when she poisoned Korfredonn's food , thus he got sick and called for a meeting with his wife and the console Jedi Masters, he tells them that Haia had killed him and that there is no need to kill her for that coz she will got her punishment later, then he died at the age of 51 and they made him a great funeral, Someone said that Haia got killed by a lion when she was trying to escape, but what matters is that she got what she deserved.
Korfredonn left a wife and a son named Elia, and his seed continue to be great Jedi masters, until the era of the old republic when one of his grandchild named Revan fought the Mandalorians then the real Sith and after he had won he married Bastila and lived in the planet of Tatooine, and no one heard of Korfredonn's seed since then, but there are some men who believed that Anakin Skywalker is his last successor….
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