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Just so you guys know this story is different than my RPG thread
Chapter 1- The Demon Lord

Chains walked slowly down the dirt path, he was heading for a small village called Gugean. He heard there was supposed to be tryouts for their army. He knew they'd except him... after all he was The Guardian.... but of course he was the only one who knew that yet. "Hello? Please help me...."
He turned and saw a wounded soldier with long blonde hair laying, half dead, in the shade of an old Jubu Tree. The soldier was cut in the ribs, badly. The Jubu fruits were laying on the ground, but there was something wrong with the picture.... he realized that the tree and the fruits were gray.... and the shade of the tree extended farther than i t shold've. He walked closer to the soldier and suddenly sensed darkness... and a hunger... not for food, not for blood, and not for sex... it was for anger and hatred... The soldier levitated and laughed evily. He dissapeared.. and then reapearred a half a second later as a demon... he looked much the grim reaper, but he was still human.
Please leave me feedback, Ill start Chapter 2 tommorow.


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