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Re: STAR WARS Angels of Destruction

Originally posted by Darth_Krow
[This is based of the plot of KOTOR Force Vampires]-[StarMark2k has allowed me to base the Angels Of Destruction off of his plot]


The force vampire origin
During the sith war not all captured jedi were taken to the depths of Malachor, some were taken for experimentation at a seacret facility. One of these experiments was to create an ultimate jedi Hunter... Project Vampire. These hunters were made to feed off of the very thing that gave a jedi his skills with the force, Metachlorines. This caused them to suck out the blood and the metchlorines killing the jedi and stregthening the feeder. Unfortunetly if a person with a high metachloine count is bitten (Jedi, Dark Jedi and adepts) they also become a vampire. Towards the end of the war the 12 experimental vampires escaped and killed the scientists and turned the dark jedi at the facility into vampire. Now the vampires are loose in the galaxy hunting jedi and dark jedi to quench this unceising hunger killing innocent people onm their journey.

Vampire Facts
These experiments had some side effects both positive and negative.

Positive- Immune to most energy based weapons including lightsabers and blaster. Only solid weapons Kill vampires (including the worky bowcaster), They are as strong and as fast as jedi without using the force, They are immune to force powers. They also possess increased intelligence

Negative- They are hyper-sensitive to UV Rays causing them to stay in dark plases. They can not use force powers.

When a Jedi, dark jedi or force adept is bitten by a Vampire they turn into one. Causing there physical abilitys and personalities to change. Vampires are more alligned with the dark but hate Sith and jedi equally.

The Story
This is based a year after the vampires have escaped both the republic and sith know of there existance but keep it quiet from the civilians. The vampires ane beleived to have spread through the galaxy and now number over 100 and are even beleived to control some corporations. Both the republic and sith have hired mercs and bounty hunters to kill these vampires In Kotor turms Revan was a LS Male and the star forge was destroyed just over 1 year ago

Kamino has been discovered and an unknown source has already begun to clone, but it is very unknown to everyone except the ones who know about it.

Main Characters:

Name]: Anor Kon
Allegiance]:Vampire Nation [Secretly Sith]
Alignment]arkside [Secretly Dark Side]
Occupation]:Senator of the Vampire Nation
Class]:Jedi Guardian [Unknown]
Appearance]:White Hair, no darkside corruption on his tanned body, Tribal Tatoos are scattered all over his body, none are visible through the Sith Robe he wears. He has a muscular build.
Weapons]:Sith Lightsaber [Red Crystal]-[Etched on the hilt are sith heiroglyphics] (Secretly has this) and an Assassin Blaster Modified
Equipment]: Sith Master Robes, Eriadu Stealth Unit, Sith Power Gauntlets, Enhancement D-Package, and a sash that hangs all the way down to his Ankles which has Vampiric heiroglyphics imprinted on it.

Name:Hannible King
Affiliation:Neutral (working for the republic)
Allignment:leaning Light
Weapons and equipment: Republic mod armour, vibrosword, wookie bowcaster

Name:Chancellor Ariston
Appearance:Blue eyes with a very dark complexion
Weapons:Scout Blaster modified with a scope

Occupation]:Jedi Master
Appearance]:White hair, White Goatee, and Green Eyes
Weapons]:A Violet double bladed lightsaber
Equipment]:White Jedi Master Robes

Name]:Reka Erbad
Species]:Force Vampire
Allegiance]:Vampire Nation
Occupation]:1 of the 12 whom escaped the laboratories
Appearance]:Black Dreadlocks with Blue eyes, [African traits]
Weapons]:Lightsaber Staff [Silver Crystal]
Equipment]:Black Jedi Master Robes
Name]erick Watson
Allegiance]:Anor Kon [Sith]
Occupation]:Republic Commando
Appearance]:Jet black hair and Blue eyes
Mandalorian Disintegrator x2
Mandalorian Heavy Repeater
Equipment]:A hybrid of the Matrix armor plus the Mandalorian Assault armor
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