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WARNING- The next few Chapters will have just a bit of romance!
Also note that when I say Chains I mean Gus, but Im used to saying Chains


Chapter 2- Fading Memories

The Demon took out a huge sword and pointedit at the sky. It started to get cloudy, and the ground was shaking. Two bony, skeleton hands came up from a crack in the ground and grabbed him around the waist.
When Gus awoke the last thing he remembered was thunder and rain. He also noticed that was ALL that he remembered, he felt, well, empty, like the memories in his head had been tossed away.
"I see you are awake." came a deep voice from a shadow in the corner. Gus realized he was in a castle. The figure came out of the darkness, He, or it, was human and had long, blonde hair, similar to Gus's hair. It wore a dark black cloak.
"You are no doubt the Guardian.'' The Guardian? Chains thought.
"Yes, that's right, The Guardian of the Light." Said the cloaked man, as if he had read Gus's mind.
"Oh, that's right," he said. Gus felt a sharp stabbing pain in his head. "That memories was already ripped from you."
"Slowly, my spell is tearing away each one of your memories."
Gus felt another pain. He closed his eyes and saw a beach, it was beautiful... The memory was ripped out. More and more memories flashed and faded. Suddenly, a memory of a tall, blonde haired girl with brown hilights and green eyes popped up, she was wearing a dark black cloak. Gus realized after a minute that he was fighting for his life to keep the memory. The force pulled harder and harder. "Don't fight it." said a deep voice.

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