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I am currently working on a short story based on a ARC trooper-turned lieutenant in the Clone Wars. I have no official name for it yet, but since I love codenames and pre-release names, I'm calling it Star Wars: Impossible Odds.

Here's an excerpt, i.e. the first part of four:
Part I: Durankhian Dust

The planet of Durankhia, situated in a faraway sector of the outer rim, is a treasure chest. A planet of humongous size, Durankhia was generally ignored through the ages, despite it being rich in both water and other vital minerals. It’s mines could dig up huge amounts of ore and unearth rare minerals considered to be extinct. But before the Galactic Republic could set its eyes on the planet, the Confederacy of Independent Systems was already there.
It was a time of great turmoil as the Clone Wars were waged across the galaxy. Mindless droids fought the born-to-fight Clones in a variety of environments and conditions. But not all were mere battles and skirmishes, some managed to become legends. Although nobody recognized them, nobody credited them and nobody rewarded them, they crossed the line of victory and brought to their faction triumph over all odds, some considered to be impossible.
Unlike what the Separatists were made to believe, not all clones were equal. Two more secretive and distinct classes of clones existed behind the curtain of battle, executing important missions and blowing the Separatist chance of victory. The Commandos were an elite squad that performed several important operations during the Clone Wars. Consisting of several four-man squads, their presence was almost unknown as were their identities and missions. However, they were not the first to be sent into battle as an elite fighting force.
The ARC troopers, who looked hardly different from standard Clones, were supposedly the original commandos. Intelligent and self-thinking, ARC Troopers weren’t as obedient as Clones and were used extremely sparingly. When the Commandos took over their job, the ARC Troopers were released and made captains, lieutenants and even Commanders.

One such ARC trooper was Lieutenant W-E5S, commonly known as Lieutenant Wefive. Lt. Wefive and his seven-man squad skimmed the dull Durankhian plain on a gunship. There were some hills and mountains on the distance and threatening ditches and dikes peppered on the plains. Wefive stood by the door, holding on the ceiling handle, scanning the horizon. His squad consisted of three anti-armour troopers, a sniper and three standard soldiers. The gunship was packed. Hovering in the atmosphere of the planet was RAS Shred’da, which was partially visible from the surface.
There was already a squad on the surface, a twenty-man team of troopers including some anti-armour and recon troops. They had arrived on a Troop Transport ship, which passed the ship as Wefive’s gunship approached the surface. The RAS now had no spare troops and just enough crew to keep it running. Lt. Wefive himself felt something was fishy when only twenty-five men were sent to the planet. Scans had shown that the planet was largely uninhabited, organically or otherwise. A Separatist base was presumed to be hidden in a bunker below open plain. Its exact location was not determined, as was the number of droids.
Lt. Wefive and his squad reached their post, a great slope culminating in a vast depression that spread till the horizon. Units were posted on various points along the slope, behind sharp boulders and rocks, crouched and lying. Sergeant Ac-25G and Sergeant FJ22-I stood out on the top of the slope, surveying the landscape with their binoculars. Lt. Wefive’s gunship sped towards them and slowed down considerably just some ten meters behind them. It turned, deploying the troops. Lt. Wefive jumped out.
“All, get into position!” he barked.
“Lieutenant, we have had no sightings yet. How should we proceed?” Sergeant Ay-see asked.
“We’ll wait and watch. If those Nemoidians have got at least a quarter brain, we’ll see them rushing in at us with a thousand droids.”
“Sir, I say we rush ‘em. They’re probably unarmed and calling for reinforcements.”
“Maybe. I’ve notified Shred’da to keep an eye out for Battleships or Cruisers.”
Sergeant Eff-jay put his binoculars down. “I’m picking up faint heat signatures. Droids. Approximately,” he looked back into his binoculars “fifty… maybe seventy or so. Up to a hundred at the most.”
Lt. Wefive strode down the slope majestically barking out orders to stay alert and keep an eye out into the depression. Both Sergeants took up position. Lt. Wefive stood right in the middle of the slope, surrounded by clones in cover. After some minutes, the horizons were filled. Droids advanced, marching steadily. Battle droids marched in front, while the more deadly Super Battle Droids marched behind them, their rocket-wrists on standby and their ominous gaze targeted on the thirty men that stood on the slope, awaiting their onslaught.
“Anti-Armour, set up shields!” Lt. Wefive ordered. Six anti-armour troops took off at full speed and took out their retractable shield generators. They took out the little devices and pressing a button, activated a bar. After spending some time calculating the distance and orientation, the troops set them up and blue shields lit up, blocking any and all energy projectiles from the droids’ side. Anti-Armour troopers ran back in and set themselves up.

The Battle for Durankhia had begun.

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