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Lightbulb Guide to Fan-Art

Guide to posting your Star Wars Fan Art

Although not all of us have been blessed with the ability to draw, there are a number of you that have. So, go ahead and post your creations here, so long as its based in the Star Wars universe. Just make sure you follow a couple of guidelines first.
  1. NO PORNOGRAPHIC OR OVERLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL. I realize that this is stated in the official rules, but it needs to be emphasized. This is a family-friendly forum for all ages, not just 18+. If you post stuff like that, you will be permanently banned without warning.
  2. Your fan art doesn't have to be constrained to any particular type of form or style. If you want your work to be comic book style, then go for it. Heck, if you just want to post your own comic book here, then go right ahead. Feel free to make your art in whatever form you see fit.
  3. Image hosting: unless your a moderator or higher, you're not going to be able to simply attach your files to your thread. You'll have to have your art hosted on either your own website or an image hosting service such as Imageshack or Photobucket. If you want to post your stuff directly into the forums, then make use of the [IMG] code.
  4. Whenever you start a new thread, make sure you select the [ART] prefix in front of the thread title. This is so things are organized and (somewhat) uncluttered since this forum is also host to fan fiction as well as fan art.
  5. If you want to post comments or criticism, feel free to do so. Just remember that overly negative criticism, blatant insults, or offensive criticism will be treated as flaming, which is prohibited from LucasForums.

Above all, have fun with your stuff. Now get out there and show us what you've made.

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