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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Yeah, roadside bombs and car bombs are incredibly fun in BF2. Too bad we can't pack a speeder bike with the Star Wars equivalent of C4 and ram it into a tank. XD
Yes you can . You can cover the speeder bike with mines, then drive. When an enemy gets close to a mine, it explodes killing the enemy, you, and the bike (of couse thats with team damage on). You can take out a group of players or a tank. Speeder bikes go fast enough that they won't know to get out of your way. They will never see the mines, only the explosion and the Respond Screen. Do the same thing with fighters and you got suicide aircraft.

When I get behind eney lines in SWBF, I like to play mines under the tanks or bikes. Someone gets in them and BOOM.

This gave me an idea, I'm going to see if you can stick a mine on a frendly player...
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