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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I think there will be a KOTOR III. LA could do it to satisfy the fans (extremely unlikely) or for the most likely reason: They stand to make a VERY hefty profit. LA won't pass up an oppurtunity to make money, even if it means releasing a game before it's complete, the greedy little fools.
The thing that confuses me is that they could have realized both had they not rushed TSL. How many more sales would they have made if the reviews for TSL labelled it a masterpiece instead of garnering a reputation as a rushed release? How many more fans would be praising the game endlessly (free advertising and goodwill for Lucasarts) if they didn't rush the game and alienate a good portion of the fans?

I think part of the reason for the restructuring at Lucasarts is because of this whole rushed release fiasco. They won't admit it, but the top brass of Lucasarts probably realized that whoever was responsible for the rushed release screwed up big time and thus the reason for many layoffs and for a new guy taking over as the head of the Lucasarts brand. Because basically they sacrificed overall sales and goodwill for some early Christmas sales, which IMO, they would have recouped anyways over the long haul if the game was more complete, and they wouldn't have gotten the backlash they did.
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