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Yes, you can change stats and description, the problem is the model. You can't replace a single light armor, you'd have to replace ALL of them. That's why Devon suggested the armored flight suit, because there's only like two armors ingame that use that model, so it that minimum effect. Making the new item is easy, I cuold do it in less time than I'm taking to post right now, but making the jacket-less appearance you want is the hard part. As for svosh's tutorials, I think I mentioned in the now closed request thread that svosh leaves in a French dominated area, and even with English as a first language, is just used to French. I live in a largely Hispanic area, while I myself am not. I typically have to go off the few words I know in Spanish, even though my first language is English, and because of that, my grammar with English is usually poor as well. (I occasionally put adjectives after nouns in English. ) For him, it's worse, because the law sort of asserts French over English where he lives, while where I live, it just a matter of "Do you want to understand everyone, or just a small group of people." They're really very good tutorials, you just have to read slowly. I've actually learned a lot from svosh over the past several months, he's a helpful guy.

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