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Originally Posted by Darth54
What I was saying is that there should be a dex requirement for taking the feats. I also think the penalties for wielding two medium weapons (i.e. two normal sabres) are too insignificant.
Ahh.. I see, yeah I could definitely see a minimum Dexterity requirement (possibly even strength) for the feats to be available. Sorry, for some reason, I was thinking of a minimum ability score to even be "able" to dual wield. Didn't make sense to me as anyone can pick up 2 sticks and start wailing (just not very good at it.. heheh)

Gotcha... I see what you're saying now, so I can easily say "I agree"

Of course Obsidian really balanced things by putting three advanced dual-wielding feats in TSL [/sarcasm]
hehe.. I think we can all agree with you on that one. Neither KotOR or TSL have been well known for any 'real' challenge. Luckily we have modders that have been able to fix that so far. But it'd be nice for the Devs to do it for once

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