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Lightbulb Cybernetic Part

Hello, i'm a huge Starwars fan, but i'm not into the MOD-buisness, it's to hard for me. I had an idea for a new equip-slot: Cybernetic part.
In al the Starwars series and books, cybernetic parts have a huge role. Some examples: Drath Vader had state-of-the-art parts, as seen in his fighting style. He bases and slashes harder, mainly becasue he isn't limited to muscle power anymore. Also, he has a great condition. He slaughtered hundreds of Jedi after ep 3, and had the upper hand because of his implants. Also, Luke could smash harder because of him cyber-hand. And at last, in episode 1 are creaturs with cybernetic eye-enhancers, so they can monitor the computers better.
Wouldn't it be a cool mod idea? Just another equip slot where you can add 1 cyber-part. Legs for extra dexterneity, hands for extra strenght, etc. The effects don't have to be visible, becasue the Robes an armor cover the whole body. Just an extra equip slot, and some parts. If anyone coul give me feedback, please do, because i know nothing about modding TSL. I'm a

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