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Gortick: Whatever this is, I didn't steal it, I was born with it. I got dumped on the hind end of space for this. Last thing I'm going to do is just let you take it.
Aren: *to Gortick* Now you're just lying and it isn't very interesting. The magic inside you is less than a month old. Same thing for him *pointing to Matt*. It's many months old in you *pointing to Ellela* and over a year old in you *pointing to Aidan*. And I'm not asking you if I can take it. Frankly, there's nothing you can do to prevent that if I decide to do it. I'm asking how you got it, and what you're doing with it - *looking at Matt, Ellela and Gortick in turn* - and why you're even in the presence of magic at all.

((Admiral: So where would Marin be right now?))

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