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Godmode War III: Secrets of the Game

Sequel to 'After the Game Ends':

It has been a year since the previous story. JACK and TARA are married and are busy once more at making a game that's completely safe and entirely impossible to hack or modify. This time, they have the help of TROEZEN, who made the decision to stay in New York to aid them in the recreation of the new Game.

TRENT has resigned from the FBI, but not before seeing to the release of ADAM. Together, they are working on putting Jack and Tara out of business by revealing their own Game. Adam still has a burning desire to see Jack and Tara dead, but he understands that he must be patient.

((If any of you have any further information about what your characters have been doing, feel free to add it in your first post. JM, you had a character in this at one point... feel free to jump back in. ))

My Characters:

Jack Robeson
Age: 29
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 190 lb
Hair: short, dark brown
Eyes: blue
Extra: The creator of the original Game, Jack is interested in getting it back to what it was originally intended to be.

Tara Lake Robeson
Age: 27
Height 5 ft, 4 in
Weight 123 lb
Hair: shoulder length, dark red
Eyes: pale blue-green
Extra: Known as the Swordmaster in the original Game, Tara is just as interested in getting the original purpose of the Game back as her husband is.
__________________________________________________ ____________

"Rise and shine," Jack whispered. Tara moaned and rolled over in bed. Jack laughed quietly to himself and gently shook his wife. "If you don't wake up now, Troezen's gonna get to work before we do."

"Let him stand and wait for us," Tara muttered, burying her head under her pillow. To make the building that housed the Game more secure, Jack and Tara were the only ones to have keys to it. If they didn't get there first, he'd have to wait.

"Do you want me to be rough?" Jack laughed. Without waiting for an answer, he picked her up and stood her on her feet. With a noise that was a mixture of a growl, a moan, and a laugh, Tara leaned on Jack. When he took a step back and she felt herself becoming a victim of gravity, her eyes snapped open and she took a step forward.

"Jerk," she muttered, rubbing her eyes and staring at Jack. He chuckled.

"Go on," he said. "Take a shower... I'll make breakfast."

Tara obediently shuffled toward the bathroom. She was most decidedly not a morning person, Jack concluded.

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