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Originally Posted by ParanoidAndroid
You won't have to worry about everyone being a jedi, there making it so that there can only be one, or at the most two jedi per team on each map, and you can't just spawn as them anytime you want, you have to earn the ability to play as a jedi first by completing certain objectives.

Technicly Jedi can't be killed, from what they have shown they have a sort of "time bar" that is constantly going down, killing enemies and completing objectives will add time to your bar while getting shot, and team killing will just make it fall faster. Once there time is up the jedi just leave for the rest of the fight.
Interesting. This almost sounds like the "blood lust" mode in games like Rune and Sword of the Berserk: Guts Rage. In those games you did enough damage to enemies (with your bar being kept up) and when it reached a certain point you get your "rage" ability. Taking damage made it go down, until it eventually was gone, but the idea was to go on a rampage once you earned it. For those who haven't played those games, imagine if JK2/JA's "Dark Rage" force power was only granted after you got a bunch of kills in a row or something... or compare it to something even simpler, the "Quad Damage" in the Quake games. This could be an incredibly fun feature actually, if done properly.

Now if the Jedi were just like they are in SWBF right now, it would be incredibly boring. All they can do is run around and do one swing with their saber, an instant kill move. I wouldn't expect them to be JK2 or JA quality or even ROTS quality, but give them a few force powers and some l33t saber hacking skills. It'd be more like a powerup than anything.

Still, I wonder what they would do if you did one of the "jedi killing" manuvers that worked so well in SWBF1? You know, like running them over with a vehicle, or landing on top of them with a ship? Would it just reduce their "bar" to zero and make them run off the map right then and there?

I'm looking forward to this game already... let's just hope they actually do the MP setup right the first time and give us the tools and servers in a timely fashion. It's too bad the first game had to be a "public beta test" though.

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