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Dark Forces, it had much more depth than Doom and since it's Star Wars, instant win. Don't get me wrong though, I enjoyed Doom and Doom II (I disliked Final Doom and haven't bothered with Doom 3) but they were rather flat games with simple level design and even simpler gameplay.

The storyline was practically non existant in Doom while Dark Forces had a solid storyline that flowed well with the gameplay. Every mission was important to the storyline and drew you into a dark world while every Doom and Doom II level had nothing to do with the plot and was just there. This isn't usually a problem for me, for example Unreal is one of my favorite FPS' and it's levels rarely have anything to do with the plot but having mostly plot relevant levels is a plus. Another level problem, the levels in the Doom series are much too brief, even for their age. You can finish Doom Episode 1 in fifteen minutes or less on Nightmare, and that's about eight levels not counting the bonus one.

Doom was great back in the day and I loved it back then but these days it's a rather shallow game and there's no real point in playing it anymore except for nostalgia or trying out those wonderful mods that make it fully 3D. 3D mods or not, Dark Forces is a solid game that brought many things to the genre and tells a solid story at the same time and every level was an unforgettable experience for me. I can't say the same for Doom despite the fact that I liked it when I played it because I've forgotten almost every level entirely and the kicker is I replayed both Doom and Doom II with the 3D model mods just last year.

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