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Possible Confirmation/Conjecture of 2 Things of KOTOR3

LucasArts/SOE Announce New Expansion for SWG: The Trials of Obi-Wan

In this press clipping, LA/SOE reveal a new expansion for SWG and the new planet is Mustafar, to be released the same day as BattleFront2 and the ROTS DVD. If you read the story, it reveals that one of our droid buddies has survived into the times of Episode V. That's right, our meatbag killing HK-47 apparently is alive and still kicking 4000 years later on Mustafar.

Despite LucasArts and SOE bastardizing continuity so extensively in Galaxies, this could mean that we see both HK-47 alive and well as well as Mustafar in KOTOR3. I've always seen KOTOR as being a trilogy so it could be Mustafar is the ending planet which would leave HK-47 there. Though, 4000 years difference anything could happen.

Just thought I'd drop this by for you's all to ponder.
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