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Agreed with everything said. Personally I've been quite disappointed with SWG since Publish 9 (we're now on Pub 22) that launched the influx of jedi on every server. I have a jedi knight, and I rarely play him because EVERYONE is a jedi now. And LucasArts have done nothing to curb the destruction of continuity going on in that game and by this press release, only seek to further destroy it just for profits.

We had a huge PVP event at "The Emperor's Retreat" on Naboo a few months back. 60+ Jedi (both rebel and imperial) right on the Emperor's doorstep and neither him nor Vader came out to kill any of the Jedi. The game's just getting worse and worse. Hoping that the new releases "Empire at War", "BattleFront2" and hopefully KotoR3 will draw me away enough to finally end my subscriptions.

HK-47 on mustafar during the time between ANH and ESB is lame enough, but if you read the press release, subscribers are also going to be lead on a series of quests BY OBI-WAN's GHOST!!!! More bastardizing of continuity.
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