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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Star Wars =/= Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Quinlan Vos' mention doesn't screw anything. It's not like he was born 4000 years before the events of Ep3.

I doubt a droid could stay functionnal for such a long time.
Once again, SOE shows how they totally suck.
yes, i know that, im not that dumb , my point was just that i dont find it as hard to believe that HK would still be functioning after 4000 years.

and i also wasn't saying that vos's mention messed anything up, if anything it was kinda cool. im not a big EU fan, but i like that they tried to tie the movies into the EU a bit, it actually gave the EU a little more credibility. The movies always felt kind of seperate from the books, it was nice to see a little connection like that. it made them feel less like seperate entities and more like part of one big time line. Kotor's time line is so far in the past that while that allows for lots of new directions from the story becuase there is not much already in the continuity there, it also means that all this new kotor stuff is kinda disregarded by the rest of the star wars universe. None of the books about the old republic ever talk about revan or anything, so its nice to see a connection somewhere in the time line to Kotor, to help verify its existance in the time line. while i'm not a SWG player, cause i'm dirt poor and can't afford a subscription, i applaud the attempt to introduce some continuity between kotor and the rest of star wars, despite the fact that HK's appearance will be completely cheesy, and its just a huge marketing ploy, meant to snare some of the Kotor fans. Its still nice to see everything connecting.

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