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I am disgusted. Those fu**ing bas**rds are leeching off KOTOR's life force! I don't know what happens to Revan and the rest of the crew from KOTOR, but this disgusts me. When Revan dies (of old age or some other cause) he and the rest of the KOTOR characters should go with him. But this... I am sickened.
In a sense... It's kind of sad. Revan and all the others are gone by then, but he still lives on. Why would HK go to Mustafar, of all places? Shouldn't he be in charge of a droid factory, churning out armies of droids to kill all meatbags?
This is just stupid. Lucasarts is greedliy taking a successful character, and placing him in ridiculous situations just so their president can go about building another guest house out of hundred dollar bills.
The characters from KOTOR had their own (and the best) period of STAR WARS to be in. Tying modern STAR WARS into the KOTOR universe is just stupid. All people responsible for this deserve to be tortured and have their hearts torn out by wild dogs. THey should then be drawn and quartered, and GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

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