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not so much randomization

I like the fact that you didn't need specific parts for upgrades in TSL. Just x amount of components and y level in a certain skill but I hated the almost complete random nature of finding things. Except for some of the parts that the merchants carried and the museum at Onderon ("Sith" raiders stoles the items from the museum, right) there was no way to ensure that you got the best crystals. The thing I like about RPG's is giving my character the best of everything and then watching him go to town. To solve this I think they should have a merchant like that Rodian in the Yavin station in ROTOR. A guy who sells the best of everything but at a premium price. I said this before but at less you wouldn't have to go without the best items after 40+ hours of playing the game and searching everywhere and I mean everywhere to find something like the barad of ingot. I don't know if that is spelled correctly but it is the crystal that gives you 2-16 fire damage.
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