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Well I don't think I can add too many more ideas to this thread but what the hell here goes:

(in no particular order except for #1)

1. XBOX 360 ONLY(sorry sony)

2. More moves/animations for attacks, flurries, critical strikes, power attacks, etc...

3. New force powers are never a bad thing.

4. Make the game length 3-4 times longer(because I just can't get enough of this game :P ). How about a 2-4 CD set next time?

5. Expansions that can be purchased say 6 months to a year after the game has been released. I know I would have no problem paying for more

6. More companions preferably force sensitive.

7. More options for advancing the storyline with about 10 or more different endings depending on how the player played the game.

8. More options during character creation including lightsabre hilt and facial/body options.

9. LESS BUGS!!!!!

10. More planets.

11. More than one place to visit while on planets.

12. Start the game as a jedi and already have a lightsabre.

13. My friend(and some of you) suggested this one: Have the option to start the game with a master and either kill him/her to prove your power and fall into darkness or learn and follow your master into the light if you wish.

That would be my preferences. Now let's see if Microsoft can get together with Lucasarts and make it happen. Here's to hoping this will be made VERY soon and thanx to all of you for loving this series as much as I do.
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