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Wink What did GUNNER get for Christmas? A must read...

Since I was in Sunny Arizona for Christmas I really didn't get most of my gifts till I got home and had Christmas with my folks so here is my belated list.

The Tie Advanced Lego model. This baby is sweet ,it is huge and has its own stand and looks great. Now to get the X-Wing.

A nice World map. More on this later.

Socks,sweater,book, yada yada yada.. looks like I'm going to be a Dad again. Not sure how far along we are but the Wife goes to the Doctor today. So actually this preasent wont come for another 7-8 months.

Back to the Map. I got this really nice big World map and I was going to make a list of everyone here (and other various SW forums I hang out at) and where they lived and then I could see just where everyone was at in the World.

So if you wouldn't mind would you please put your name and where you live, if it's a small city also put a town that you are close to that should be on the map. I.E. I live in Auburn so I would also add , 20 miles south of Seattle, as it's a major city. Because if I just put Auburn,Washington You would go, "where in the heck is that". Understand.

so start listing if you would.
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