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((nice start. Also, if there is anyone new who wants to join, but wasnt in the other threads, feel free to join. Also, for the record, I'm 'head' threadmaster and WJ is now also a threadmaster.))

my chars:


sex: male
Apperance: About 5"2. Short, dark brown hair.
Extra: he is an expert computer hacker and is helping Tara and Jack with their new version of the game. He was one of the first into the original game. He is originally from England, but has stayed in New York to help with the game.

((Heh! I just realised that I never game adam a lastname ... I'll work it in.))

Age: 28
sex: male
apperance: 6" tall and had long blond hair, which he had tied into a neat poney tail.
Extra: he worked with Tara and Jack on the original game, but he took over and changed the game into a 'godmode war' as he liked to call it. He loved Tara, but when she confessed her love for Jack, he started his personal vendetta against both of them. He only calls himself Adam, with no last name so that it is harder to track him down.


Troezen walked to the building and tried to open the door: It was locked. "Typical!" he muttered to himself. He stood for a moment waiting, looking at the building - it was just a normal office block. It blended in perfectly with the New York surroundings. No one would guess that it was where the new version of the Vertual Reality game was being produced.

Troezen was wearing black jeans and a black sleavless top. It had a small golden chinese dragon on it and a long flowing leather jacket. It was what he had been wearing in the game, but those were just vertual, these were real. He never came to work over smart, he couldnt be bothered, he was that sort of guy. Tara and Jack couldnt fire him - they needed him.

He looked at his watch. He was ten minutes late, so where were Tara and Jack? It was like them to be late though. Troezen sighed and walked off, he had at least an hour to kill.

He walked into a cafe across the street and sat, watching the doors of the building, drinking a coffee.


Adam was sitting at a computer typing away. He had been there all night. He was wearing a black shirt and black suit trousers. The shirt had the top few buttons undone and the sleeves were rolled up to Adam's elbows.

Adam sipped some of his coffee and kept typing. He wanted to catch up with the 'opposition' as he called them. He didnt want to remind himself that he had once been madly in love with one of them and tried to kill the rest.

He was finishing off the main frame of the game, on which they would put all the extras on top. Adam had actually finished the main frame a few days before, but he wanted to add his special touch. These were actually back doors and traps that he didnt want any one else to know about.

He had been forced into working with Trent on this game. He would have been killed otherwise and he had a plan to finish first. When the first game was shut down, they thought that they had finished him, but the game was only the first step - he had much more up his sleeves, but he was back to square one, he had to start all over again!

When Trent and Adam had partnered up, Adam had seen potential to finish his plan, but he wondered now if it was really what he had expected. Trent had been expecting all of his tricks, now he had to be sneaky. Whilst they both wanted to bring down Tara and Jack (Troezen too, but only because he was in the wrong place in the wrong time), Adam wanted to bring down Trent too.

Adam kept typing. It would only be about an hour before anyone was due, but some of the programmers liked to come in early. Adam had locked his office door, but the knocks would soon come and then Trent would be keen to see what he had done. Adam had to disguise his secretes quickly.

((sorry if there is some char control in there with Trent.))


bye all

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