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Originally Posted by Sabretooth
I thought LucasArts was stupid.
Now I know LucasArts is stupid.

What next? They'll put on a claim that an isolated jawa genius scrapped off HK-47 and put him into an advanced body calling it the IG-88 and sold T3-M4's mind to Naboo Royal Security Inc.
Heheh, this made me laugh!

Btw, my opinion about this is that it simply doesn't matter much. We have to take it lightly, as a cameo, and not as a defacto appearance of HK-47. Yes, they ARE trying to make money, but HK-47 being there is much less of a concern to me than other things. Mustafar for example. Couldn't they choose a worst world to be put in the game? I mean, there are so many interesting ones they could put from Ep III(after all, they do want to make a profit on it)... Mustafar was an almost uninhabited world, which had the only function of hosting the separatist council. It is as interesting than Hoth, if not even less. It surely DID make an important appearance in the movies, but not for being an important or interesting world, but just because it was the one in which the Anakin vs. Obi-Wan battle ensued. It was the battle that was important and interesting, not the world. What is there to do? What kind of NPC would be there? There is NOTHING there at all... And though I do understand Coruscant is rather hard to put and design, Utapau for instance is a much better choice than Mustafar.
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