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ED is right. The droids were made with the Rakatan technology and were capable of self-repairs and self-maintenance. Obviously, HK mentions that he can take care of himself but lacks the ressources to do so which is why he ended up on Tatooine in the hands of a lousy mechanic.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
What next? They'll put on a claim that an isolated jawa genius scrapped off HK-47 and put him into an advanced body calling it the IG-88 and sold T3-M4's mind to Naboo Royal Security Inc.
Shussh! Don't give them any ideas!

I do have a theory as to why this cameo is receiving a lot of hatred from us. If for example, it was in a new Jedi Knight game, people might say:"Hey, JK, that's cool."
But it's Galaxies and we all know how a lot of people hate Galaxies (with good reasons). -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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