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ok Gunner, for me it's a bit complicated to tell you where I'm from because you see, since the glorious day of my birth I have been living in different countries every 2 or 3 years... so here is the list in order:

Brazil (Born in Rio de Janeiro,1 years)
Phillipines (Manilla, 2 years)
Gabon (Libreville, 2 years)
England (London, 2 years)
Gabon (Libreville, 3 years)
Canada (Ottawa, 3 years)
Poland (Warsaw, 3 years)
Senegal (Dakar, since the 14th of August last year)

and when I finish school over here (1 year or 2, depends if I want to do "BAC") I'll go back home to Canada in the University of Ottawa.
So meanwhile you can put a little mark on Dakar for me.

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