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((Again another time skip))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

Idona: Good let us begin. First and most important never draw your lightsaber for that matter any weapon unless you are ready to take another's life. Understand?

*Once the sisters nodded their understanding Idona began starting off with basic stances and food placement, about half way through Idona drew her own blade, activated it and demonstarted a number of cuts going slowly so the sisters could easily see what she was doing. She then had the sisters go through the cuts. While the sisters were trying to copy Idona's moves Idun attacked both of their minds. Idona caught them anytime they faltered and would reprimand them for poor concentration. This training sessesion last for four hours. Idona worked the sisters hard and pushed them towards perfection not exempting less then their best effort. Idun never said a word but kept up the mental attacks through out the practice.*

Idona: *replacing her lightsaber in her pouch* Good, Eliana you are picking up on this well. I want both of you to review those manuals, meet me back here tomorrow after dinner, and don't forget to vote for your choice in a leader.

*Idona walked over to Idun to speak with her quietly*


Asgardried Practice Room

*After the break Svafa continued to work with Marin on the sword until an additional four hours had passed. Svafa stopped the practice so she could meet with Idona and discuss how things went with Heimdall earlier*

Svafa: Good Marin, go get some rest we are going to continue right after breakfast. Have a good night.

*Svafa leaves the practice room heading for the forward lounge where she was going to meet Idona*

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