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//rant begin//
Xbox only? Are you out of your mind?! If it should be exclusive (released on only one platform) then it should be on the PC! Imagine the advantages of a straight PC release; more dev time for actual gameplay (no porting), better graphics (even current gen graphics, hell it could be built using SOURCE, the display engine doesn't dictate gameplay), better overall story and gameplay (no dumbing down for you console slugs), hell, dev tools and mod kits right in the box!

When will people realise that console gaming is old hat? Yeah, there have been some decent console games, and some great ones...which usually end up on PC anyway. I laughed when Xbox cultists crowed that their little black box had a 3d card. The cards render texture detail that cannot be viewed at regular TV resolutions! Ya'll suckers can have your 399. Xbox 360's, that need to be hooked up to 1500. HD tvs to get the same hoss I get from my rig; which also does everything else. Xbox? Puh-lease, don't make me laugh any more than I am right now.
//rant end//

Anyway, I hope they pay attention to the PC version this time, and take advantage of the platforms advantages. The onlything better than hearing KOTOR III will have PC exclusive content is hearing that LA (or whoever) is droping WOTCs POS D20 "system". Heck, liscence SPECIAL from Interplay. it would be cheap. and it would work.

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