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Originally Posted by JoshVoidstalker
Anyway, I hope they pay attention to the PC version this time, and take advantage of the platforms advantages. The onlything better than hearing KOTOR III will have PC exclusive content
That would be nice, but remember that PC game sales are pale in comparison to console game sales... so while they might give us extra content I wouldn't expect more than what we got with KOTOR I, even that could be gotten through XBox Live if I'm not mistaken.
Originally Posted by JoshVoidstalker
is hearing that LA (or whoever) is droping WOTCs POS D20 "system". Heck, liscence SPECIAL from Interplay. it would be cheap. and it would work.
Sorry, ain't going to happen. If it used another RPG system it would not be KOTOR or even recieved well by fans.

Even though I do agree with you on the D20 system being utter crap! The KOTOR series would have pwnd using the WEG D6 system!

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