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Am I out of my mind Josh? No but you are. Does it say anywhere up there "sorry pc users"?!?!?!? No I thought not. When it comes to consoles, this game needs to stay home with Microsoft. NOWHERE does it say anything about pc users. If you wanted clarification there it is.

Hawke made the point before I could get to it. The console games are where the money is at right now and with consoles going to MMORPG's in the future expect those numbers to skyrocket in the next decade while the pc will dwindle. You cannot deny this. Why do you think Microsoft is giving a silver online membership free out of box with the 360 at no charge? Because they think it's a bad idea?!?!?!? NO!!!! Because they know that console gaming is about to explode and that online subscriptions are on the rise!!!!! This was never supposed to happen but it is. An old hat you say?!?!? Far from it. I work in the industry guy and I can tell you that this old hat is about to hit its' Golden Age.
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