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You know me, I'm a die-hard liberal, but I think the AO rating is quite fine. It's one thing to censor a game. I'd fight against that to the death. But rating it so that parents know not to get their 12-year-old kids the game is fine by me. Yes, most twelve-year-olds can handle, but really, it's not like the game has any redeeming value, or art in it, aside from innovative gameplay and rather sickish entertainment.

Point is this-- parents gave the thing hell, as well as the FCC, and actually made Rockstar take out the interactive sex aspect of the game. Now that's actually criminal. At the very least, contrary to ideology of America of freedom of press and speech (as well as, of course, various other countries). But the rating system? Hey, fine. I wouldn't want my 10-year-old killing pedestrians and ****ing whores before dealing drugs and engaging in gang war for entertainment. Slap the AO rating on, baby.

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