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Originally Posted by IndianaSolo
I wouldn't like that idea. You'd know how events turned out right after your game.

Atleast with the KOTOR series you don't. There's 4000 years before the events of the movies. If you did a prequel to KOTOR then you'd basically be playing a game with a known outcome (ie. regardless of what you do in the game, Revan and Malak find the Star Forge, Mandalorians lose, etc.).
Well, 4000 years from KOTOR, the events from the movies happen, so you're playing a game with a known outcome anyway.

As long as the storyline is a lot (a couple of hundred years) before or after, and not connected to the KOTOR storyline, I think it should be fine.

As to placing a game in the timeline after the movies...Well, firstly you have a lot of Sith tombs lying around the universe, and one of them could hold a Sith holocron or a spirit of a long deceased Sith Lord (not so rare occurence in the star wars universe). It could be just lying there for a force-sensitive being (or even better, a potentially corruptible Jedi) to find it, and voila, few hundred years later, we get the new Sith...And if that sounds bad, you could still have some other users of the Dark Side...Dark Side witches, Fallen Jedi, whatever.

But personally, I'm still for putting a game in the times when the Jedi order first split, as Larke said. You can have fun kicking the butt of fallen jedi or losing the war and going to the worlds beyond the outer rim to enslave the Massasi and lay foundations for the Sith Empire.

As long as the story is good I don't think the timeline will be much of a problem.

I agree it's important to keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.

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