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Originally Posted by TheOssusKeeper
here is a question for those using the USM.

I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with the USM as far as starting a new game and when getting to the Exile's trial cutscene, it freezes up?

This was my problem, I installed the USM while playing a couple of differ. games (after the trial scene) and had no problems at all, but when i went to start and play a new game and played up to the trial cutscene, the exile walks in and then just stands there, the cutscene would not continue... so i did some investigating and found that when i renamed (backed up) the zez.utc file that comes with the USM, it worked fine from then on... Just wondering if anyone else had this problem?
I found that there are several of the same type of utc files in many of the modules and for example: c_ithorian_001 is used in a few modules but have differ. stats... i extracted a dead ithorian utc file and place items on his dead body, then placed it in the override folder, i found that it overrides All c_ithorians_001 utc files in all modules... And i was unable to talk to the Ithorian at the Ithorian's shuttle bay on citadel station... so basically this may be the same problem with the zez.utc file not letting the exile's trial scene play properly... just a thought... (maybe just a fluke in my game)

Here is a screenshot of where it hung up on me...

Hmm, the .utc file for Zez in that module (950COR) is npc_vrook002.utc (used in quite a few modules). zez.utc is an unique utc file, used only on 305NAR (Jek Jek Tar Tunnels), so that shouldn't be a problem.

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