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<FONT COLOR = "pink">Blossom</FONT>: "The Pink Terror" The defacto leader. She prizes intellect and discipline. A brilliant strategist, she often feuds with Buttercup.

<FONT COLOR = "blue">Bubbles</font>: "The Cute One" Cheery and fun-loving, Bubbles is the heart and moral compass of the group. She's often caught in the middle of her sisters' fights.

<FONT COLOR = "green">Buttercup</FONT>: "Walking Trouble" Buttercup is the muscle of the group. With attitude and guts to spare, she's the tomboy who'll always strike first and ask questions <strike>later</strike> never. Her "brains vs. brawn" arguments with Blossom are legendary.

All-in-all, Buttercup is my fave, too. She could tear down the others without even breathing hard, unless "little sis" was in full Bubble-Vicious mode.

"WHO ELSE WANTS SOME?!?" --Bubbles, surrounded by bodies ("Bubble-Vicious")
"Do fish-people eat fish, or would that be like humans eating monkeys?"
"Humans do eat monkeys. In fact humans eat other humans. . . Y'know, as a species, we are really quite unpleasant."
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