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Ahem, the following was posted on January 20, 2001 :

Originally posted by Jem:
Tomorow is gonna be the final stage of the Paris-Dakar Rally and I'm going to the "Lake Rose" in T-minus 10h to go and see it.

Ok here is the thing:
When the first car is nearing the finishing line I intend to burst out from nowhere wearing nothing at all "naked" and holding a big knife, I will run towards that car (might be the french buggy) and burst his tires so that he loses after all his effort.
I also intend to yell some satanist stuff in Latin while I'm doing all that.
My grand finally will be a sort of latino dance with a lot of hip swinging (remember, I'll be naked) around the wasted car.
I still have to figure out my grand escape, maybe a helicopter or something like that.

So all of you must watch CNN and catch me on TV (CNN = Pedro Pinto is gonna talk about me, that guy's great)

Any suggestions or hints before I go torwards my ultimate destiny?

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