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Asgardried, Quarters Section

*Chere is sitting outside her room when Marin comes along*

Chere: *jumping up* Hey! You! Where were you?

Marin: *looking exhausted* Training...

Chere: For ten hours? Training to do what?

Marin: To know how to use a sword.

Chere: Um? Why would you need to know that? You can friggin shapeshift.

Marin: *sighs* Because... well... you never know what might happen.

Chere: Whatever you say. So when are we going back home? I've already been gone for... what, a whole frikkin' year?

Marin: As soon as Guy can get you back. First we have to find our other friends...

Chere: Get *me* back? You're not coming?

Marin: I can't. What we're trying to do now... is too important.

*She opens her door, walks in and collapses face-first on her bed*

Chere: Ooooookay then.


Shadow Base

*Aren frowns*

Aren: You... don't actually even know?

*Aren's communicator buzzes*

Comm: Ms. Aren, where are the four humanoids who were just brought in? They're needed to begin preparations for the ritual.

Aren: *into comm* Tell the mages they'll just have to wait.

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