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Asgardried Armory

*Heimdall enters the armory and walks to his forge reigniting it. He had just awaken from his two hour nap and wanted to see if he could finish the repairs to the armor, and maybe do a few other things.

Elsewhere on the ship the Asgardried dimmed the lights for the night cycle*

Time Skip: Seven hours*

*Heimdall left the armory with a droid trailing him. The droid carried a box holding the items Heimdall had finished that night. The two entered the bow turbolift taking down to the middle level.

Walking down the main corridor Heimdall periodically stopped and repaired armor at a person's door. At Svafa's door Heimdall left a sword he had just sharpened and a gauntlet that needed minor mending. In Front of Vidar's door he left Vidar's repaired cuiraisse and pauldron. At Idun's door was a vembrace. After returning Idun's armor, Heimdall turned and began to walk towards Marin's door. He had one last delivery to make.

As he walked along the corridor, Valda's door opened and she stepped out pulling on a guantlet. She was dressed in her cerimonial armor and smiled at Heimdall when she saw him. Heimdall raised an eyebrow questioning Valda's choice of armor. Valda just shook her head, turned toward the lounge, it was her turn to make breakfast. The Asgardried could have made the meal, but there was no guarentee the ship would make an entirely edible meal.

Heimdall looked at Valda one last time before continueing down the corridor. When he arrived at Marin's door Heimdall set a down a sword sheathed in a hard leather scabbard attached to a belt. The sword had a curved cross guard decorated with Marin's name written in runes with a little knot work on either side of her name. The grip was was black leather with wire underneath creating ridges in the grip that would aid in Marin's hand staying in place during combat. The handle was large enough to take one hand completely and part of Marin's other hand. The pommel was a flattened disc with a triad carved in it. The center of the triad had two swords crossed. The blade had a fuller running for most of the lenght, in the fuller were a number of runes.

The Scabbard was black and had only simple knotwork running up its lenght and a metal tip. The belt was a double wrap belt and like the scabbard only had simple knotwork.

Heimdall then took out a leather thong that had a silver ring on it. On the inside of the ring were a number of runes. The outside was decorated with intricat dark blue knot work and at the center of the ring was a dark blue crystal. If you looked directly at the crystal you could make out Heimdall signature mark, the triad. There was also a note on the thong:


It is important as you learn swordsmanship to have your own weapon. As such I give you this sword, It has some properties like your armor that you will find helpful when you decide to change shape. I hope this sword will see safely to the end of this quest. If it needs to be repaired just give it to me and I'll be happy to do it. I'm also giving you a ring, the ring like your armor will automatically adjust to fit your finger. With the ring you will be able to remove your armor like I did on Midgard. I'll teach you how to do this later tonight.


*Heimdall turned from Marin's door and walked to the lounge curious as to what Valda was cooking for breakfast and why she was wearing that armor*

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