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Originally Posted by Commas
I think the only thing i missed from K1's interface was how, on the character info screen on the light/dark bar, it would have little icons for what stims and spells you had at the time. Which was pretty helpful when casting multiple buff spells at once that all last different durations of time.

If this was somewhere in K2 i never found it.
Journal Screen --> Messages Log Button --> Effects "tab" up in the heading.

This will take you to a screen with a complete readout (with text) of the Good and Bad effects applied to a character. MUCH better than the KotOR1 variant where you had to guess what those little icons meant, IMHO.

Just a shame it's buried so deep in the interface. They should have left the Messages screen as its own section like it was in KotOR1, rather than hide it away as a sub-section of the Journal.

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