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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

So, for those who have seen the new Tim Burton retelling of the Roald Dahl story, here we can argue, probably spill some angst for those who were disappointed and hold up some praise for those who were blown away.

The way people feel about this new one is definitely split down the middle with a thick white line, and I personally live happily on that line. There were a lot of things I didn't like about this film, but there were some things that were totally awesome to me. I'll get more in depth into the conversation in time, but I'm gonna go with saying that I enjoyed watching the film and even kind of dug Depp's interpretation of Wonka, but was annoyed by how weak the relationship between Charlie and Grandpa Joe was executed. While the family was done fine in the beginning, once they made it to the factory it's almost as if all story had disappeared, which was badly done considering this film had the whole "family is the most important thing" moral.

The funny thing about this retelling is that when it was first announced everyone was going "Ooh, good. Tim Burton is going to give the story the darkness is deserves." People forgot how dark the Gene Wilder version was, and unfortunately, Burton's version was pretty much a complete kid's film with absolutely NONE of the darkness the story needs. Sure, it was visually twisted, but kid-twisted, like dark the way Invader Zim is dark. The Gene Wilder version was very dark in a pure way.

But that's the thing about this remake craze that doesn't bug me that much: even if the remake is crap, it's still kind of cool because it makes you realize how much you loved the original. I put up my new sig the day after I saw the new Charlie and the Chocolate factory because it brought back so many memories of the first adaptation, and it helped me realize that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is actually one of my favorite films.

But I still dug the new one a lot.

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