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"Captain My chip is in position, shall i release the fighters?"
"Go ahead"
"Red Group, Gold Group and Blue Group you have clearence to launch"
A cheer rose from the hanger. Jax Ploara was one of the few who did not. He was not scared but he has seen this situation many times. Young pilots so egar to fight but when they were out there they would be lucky to last ten minutes. Those who survived would never be the same again. He had been the same. At the begining, whilst in viper squadron he was cocky and thought he was the best. After that final viper mission he would never be the same. He had seen his friends blown to pieces. He had heard his cousin being shot and his best friend had died in front of his eyes. Jax looked at the pliots ready and willing as he got to his feet.
"Jax you ready?"
The pilot next to Jax was a man called Don, he had fought next to Jax during the phantom chase. Don was also one of the few not chearing.
"whats the situation out there?"
"well i saw the admiral about 15 minutes ago, he rekons about 7 star destroyers, all carrying god knows how many ties and one lancer crusier carrying heavy weapons"
"nice well your the master at taking out star destroyers"
"um...thanks i guess. i take no pride in killing all those onboard but it must be make the galaxy free"
"Jax please don't give me that nobel crap, you're good at what you do, deal with it we all have to"


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