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"sometimes i don't want to deal with it"
Jax turns around and walks towards his B wing
"see you out there" Don mutered
Jax didn't want to argue with Don, Don was a good friends and Jax didn't want to loose him. Once in his B wing fighter he boosted the ignition and flew slowly out of the hanger. In the distance he could see some star destroyers. Following normal procedure he said into the comm. link
"all ships report"
one by one they reported in
"Blue 2, Blue 3, Blue 5, Blue 7, Blue 9, Blue 14, Blue 21 and Blue 16"
"command all ships acounted for, what should we do? go staright into engagement or go slowly and circle the star destroyers?"
"well we don't want to rush this bu-"
"shouldn't we just go straight in so the Tie's don't get in the way?" said i lively young pliot (Blue 21)
"If you want to die go ahead kenny, if not stick with me"
over the comm. kenny stutters "no Jax i didn't mean....i....ok sorry"
"don't be sorry Kenny, and remember it's blue leader"
"yes blue leader"
"thank you, to be honest i have no wish to see your ship blow into oblivion but if you wish to a "hero" by rushing in and dying with no reason what so ever behind it be my guest"
"no Boss i didn't mean...."
"I know you didn't Kenny calm down, and don't call me boss"
Jax didn;t like to be called "boss" becuase his friend rezillo used to call him that...before he died anyway.
"Ok boys this is it, all wings in attack formation"
The B-wings in blue group went into attack position, the Y wings also in blue group readied their cannons
"Ok guys....when i-"
An explosion ripped the vacum of space as Blue 21 was completly destroyed


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