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Originally Posted by Smilodon
I also got that feeling when I replayed KOTOR II, but I think that was partly because of the influence system, I didn't want to screw off all my party members completely, so I had to choose the same dialog options very often in my unchanging need to max influence on them 8[
She's talking about the time on NarShaddaa where you were forced to play as Atton and on the Ravager when Mandalore and Visas were forced upon you. Not to mention the few times you had to play as T3.

Originally Posted by Smilodon
The extent of party interaction is quite interesting in KOTOR II, since most of them are triggered on the Ebon Hawk and not at some random point in the game compared to KOTOR I (imo). But still it's kinda sad that most party interactions are limited either on the Ebon Hawk or when you enter a new planet.
Actually, you could talk and interact with your party members every time you leveled up. It's not totally random. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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