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The men were looking at the basic structural code of the game. Since Jack, Tara, and Troezen had already been working on the program for a year, they were just beginning to create the realistic details of the game. Even so, when Tara put on the headset and went into what they called "Game Sleep", she saw mostly gray... The earth under her feet was a darker gray than the sky above her head. Here and there, she could see bits of color.

"I see a tree," she said. The men saw her words as text in a small window on their screens. "The coloring of the leaves could use a little touch-up. Jokemaster, why don't you work on that? Jack, I also see a single window in what I can only assume is a building directly ahead of me."

"It is," Jack said into the microphone on his desk. Tara heard the words not with her ears, but in her head. She smiled slightly as she thought this was something like conscience.

"Get to work on the window," Tara told Jack. "Its form is here, but it's all gray, just like nearly everything else." She looked around. "Troezen, you've been working on grass, right? There's a hill, about thirty yards to my left that has... well, sort of has grass on it. The grass is more like a neon green at this point. Sending you a picture."

She took a "screenshot" and it popped up on Troezen's screen, followed by the words, "Sort of an eyesore yet, isn't it? See what you can do to darken it and add more of a variety of colors."

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