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Originally Posted by The_Maker
Tip 101 of internet know-how use Google often

Or if you are too lazy to type "Kotor Mods" you can always go Here <_<
Holowan Laboratories is the place to ask about mods & modding. It IS a modding Community and as such BobRichter felt this would be a good place to ask a question. Think about it, if you can't ask a modding Community, then who can you ask?...

DO NOT ever again bash another user for asking a question of such topics...

Simply put, if you can't answer the question, don't reply to it...



GSCCC is working on a new content mod, Rise of the Sith. He's released a demo of it here:

if all goes well, a full release will be announced in the future

Also, The Source has released "The Dark Apprentice ". Which contains a side quest with storyline here:

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