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ok no one seems to be posting on any of the role play forums any more but i will continue

"Damn it, Kenny is gone, we've lost kenny, Blue group evasive manoeuvre 12!"
Blue Group split and at that moment a Tie Phantom appeared infront of Jax
"we have Phantoms, i repeat phantoms"
Jax fired at the tie, it's weak shields gave way and it exploded.
"Gold group and Red Group contniue to target i will take out these Ties"
Jax turned and saw a Tie Phantom appear close to Don's ship, Don blew it out of space
"Good shot Blue 2"
Jax readied a tracking device and fired it onto the last phantom which disapeared, On the radar it showed it heading towards the rebel crusier
"Blue 16 take it out"
"yes Blue leader"
Blue 16's Y wing chased after it, it appeared and Blue 16 destroyed it
"good work guys"
"Jax we have a problem"
"what is it Don?"
Jax turned his ship and saw exactly what it was. three star destroyers had just exited light speed and were bearing down on the rebel cruisers. As Jax watched Ties were released from the hangers.
"Command have you given Green Group the signal to go?"
"yes about a minute ago"
"patch me through to Green Leader"
"yes Blue leader, patching you through now"
"This is Green Leader whats up Jax?"
"Zion three star destoyers have just come out of hyperspace, i need you to take them out"
"er...ok were are they?"
"im sending you the co-ordinates now"
"copy that Blue Leader, Im on my way"
"Good Luck Green Leader"


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