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name:spartan 29
looks:black armor
weapons:dual SMGs,any covenant weapon found,four plasma grenades,four frags,ma5b,active camoflauge,any UNSC weapon
bio:a spartan that was excellent in infiltration,assassination,security,etc

the alarm was sounding.covenant forces were boarding and blasting marines.while all this was happening,spartan 29 didnt seem to care.he calmly walked to the armory,grabbed his weapons,and headed out to fight he covenant.while he was near severel airlocks he could only think ''its quiet..''and a sense of somone watching him.he swiftly turned around and blasted a covenant in active camo.he took the plasma rifle off its corpse and threw a plasma grenade towards an airlock,blowing up severel covenant.he took two needlers off the grunts corpses.when he turned around,he saw two hunters gaurding the path.''this is where the fun begins'' he said......

the covenant is invading!
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