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Originally Posted by Aurora Merlow
Bioware all the way. They made a story that rivalled the original. Yes obsidium brought in heaps of new features (that were awsome) but thats to be expected from a sequal. There was too many holes in kotor 2 storyline and Biowares was sound and flowed a lot better. Characters in kotor were so much better as well Bindoo, Carth, even Mission and Big Z. Plus Reven was heaps cooler than the exile. I only hope that Bioware do kotor 3, thats if LA even do it.

My thoughts exactly. While it was...interesting, KOTOR II's story simply failed to match the original's. KOTOR II was just...well...empty, if that makes any sense. The surprises and plot twists had little to no quality. I mean, I don't know about any of you, but I could tell Kreia was a Dark Jedi or something along those lines because of the way she acted. Sorry, but that's no Jedi. However, in the original, how many people expected your player to be Revan? And that Bastila would be captured and fall to the Dark Side? I wouldn't have suspected any of that. So, for me, its handsdown. Bioware all the way baby.

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