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Superior Sith from Poland :)

Hey, I'm Jedi outcast fan from poland and I have a lot of fan with JKII. I replaced Desann with Vader and Tavion with Emperror and Jedi trainer with Obi I kenobi. But in my play where I'm a Darth Maul with all powers I want more. A Want to be as strong as Desann. And I have few questions:
1) Is this possible to replace Jedi and jedi2 with obi and qui gon? and jedif with for example anakin or other jedi? jedi trainer left the same and luke the same.
2) Second case is that i want to replace desann with emperror, and tavion with vader.
3) I don't want to have old tavion sounds because now emperror sounds like a woman and emperror
4) How to gain unlimited force jump as desann or undefeated force grip push or pull. Is this possible?
5) Do you now some good mods with some levels be cause I would like to play new thread.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my poor english.
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