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Force Commander, 5 Years On

I know that no one who posted on this forum is still watching this thread, but I just thought I'd close the book on Star Wars, Force Commander.

The game has been of the shelves of retailers for quite some time now, and the last few copies are being traded about on eBay and other goods-bartering sites.

ForceCom was not a great game, we can all agree on that, but it left its mark.

It showed us all the miistakes you shouldn't make when you are developing an RTS game, which may be better than making a great game that set a new benchmark.

It changed the genre. Real Time Strategy games were a growing child at that time, and ForceCom, by showing gamers and developers alike how an RTS game should not be made, prevented other games from reaching the same fate.

It was a necessary evil.

Besides, how bad really was it? It's a damn sight better than some of the crap on the market today.

I hope I set the record straight on Star Wars, Force Commander.
Let's remember it for what it did for the RTS genre, not for what it failed to achieve. It refined RTS games, and prevented more games like itself from appearing on the shelves.

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